January 29, 2013

Tonight i cant sleep.

And i wonder why.
I have been lying down for quite a while.
I cant close my eyes.
I am not relaxed.
Like something is bothering my mind.

December 16, 2012

with all due respect.

it has been a while.

im not working right.
i have this ache in my neck,
where it fills up a bucket of a burden that i even not supposed to handle.
by then i knew how tough it is to be a mother and a wife.

breathe in, let it out.
turn back, wipe your eyes.

put your hand in mine.
take it in, take it out.
we'll walk wherever we want to go,
we'll do anything that we should do.

i am not a boy anymore.
as i am a man.

thank you for considering,
how was the flavour?
were it bitter plus sour?
buck it up, that's what you are going to get as you grow up.

- he says.

after you left.

i've been standing so tall,
but i was thinking way over my head.
standing so tall,
yet i feel small.

then upon i ponder without you i wouldn't be here.

i know what i did was wrong.
it was not as what you want,
i guess.
but still this is the best that i could ever do.

i dont want people to think that you're a failure,
the legacy will be paint as in the picture.

but i am glad, you have thought me how to be man.
father, i miss you. i really miss you.

and here i am lingering this Earth,
looking for the right one.
to still move on.

dear father,
i miss your presence,
i miss you voice, your thoughts, your jokes, your nag.
i miss you, father.
your son misses you.

- he says.

November 12, 2012

it's cool.

it is good to have some one who clicks with you.
they understand you, as they also feel the same.

- he says.

November 9, 2012

let the light shine.

during that morning,
you gave me this look.
as i chewed it with my eyes and mind,
all the things i dont know what's going through your mind,
all i want to say is thank you.

for holding on to me,
as i felt appreciated,
as i appreciate you more,
there's no appropriate word i can say,
how much i am thankful for you.

i just told you i love you so,
but you never knew that i have wanted you for more.
so please keep on holding my hand.
i know you're the one.

- he says.

all i see will say.

through other's eyes,
i survived.
all i ever i breathed is all for me.

all of me,
is all for you,
and of my own,
i cherish.

staring into the night,
with this victorious return,
as i walked through vanity.
through every second i walked these paths without you.

and all i see is me.
what i've been through,
what i've survived in,
all these breath,
all of these love,
is the road i chose,
for the street avenue that will lead me to you.

- he says.