October 26, 2010

our minds are just prisoned.

ironically that this is not far from the truth.

i know exactly what you mean.
let me tell you why you're here.
you're here because you know something.

what you know,
you can't explain.
but you feel it.
you felt it your entire life.

you don't know what's wrong,
you don't know what it is.
it is like a splinter in your body,
that drives you mad.

do you know what i am talking about?

it is the world,
that has been through your eyes that makes you blinded from the truth.

what truth?
that you are a slave.

- he says.

reach for the sky.

you are flying!

i am not flying.
i am just falling with style.

- he says.

October 24, 2010

this is such a short note.

i miss you,

- he says.

if only i can just say.

look at yourself in the mirror.
ask yourself,
did you do what others told you do?
or did you just brag about it and jerk off?

- he asks.

you sir, are a cunt.

fuck off,

- he says.

save now.

look at these people around you.
don't you ever feel like they all feel the same way as you do.
you wake up every morning,
brush your teeth,
take your bath,
go out and do the same routines that you do every day?

light a cigarette and inhale those chemicals.
blow it out,
unlike how you blow a candle.

- he says.

October 20, 2010

don't let me go.

if you did not reveal the world to me,
i would never be dwelling in such happiness.
you're a gift of purity.

you and me,
will always be you and me.
forever will be.

i  pondered in the wrong direction,
and it caused this weakness in the head.
if you have not reveal your wold to me,
i would not be dwelling in such happiness.

you're a  paint of grand,
a gift of purity as i said.
perfection and an infinite beauty.

- he says.

erupt again, ignore the pills.


things are dying,
as our eyes are distorted.
addicted but with no heroine.

idle with the idol,
as good things will past.
it helps with excess access.

- he says.

October 19, 2010

just know that wherever you are, i am missing you.

the morning sun shines,
brightening this sad and filthy room.
welcome in,
make yourself at home if you will.

felt like a blade is pushed through my mind.
this time,
i woke up feeling empty.
i am not lonely.

maybe i am starting to lose faith,
not in you,
but in me.
it's never about you,
it's just me.
so please dear,
take my hand and take me far away.
i just don't care where.
i just want to be with you.

this time,
all i want is you.
just you,
nothing else.
no one else.

it's so sad to face the music,
the fact that i am far away from where you are.
thousand miles don't mean a thing,
but i miss you.
i really need you.
i just wish that you are here.

can you just add colors in this black and white drawings?

- he says.


stay with me,
all i want is you.

i am down on my knees,
as you took my breath away.
i have got nothing else to say.
you're never the things that i have seen before.

don't ever go away.
stay with me please.
don't ever give up on me.

- he says.

October 18, 2010

so turn,
of the corner of your lips,
part them,
feel my fingertips.

let me feel your breath,
let me taste your lips.

- he says.

something for you to chew.

i am not sure,
of anyone.
but i've got plans.
i am not asking for everything,
but sure i could used a hand,
having you right by my side.

hope that i am not drowning you out.
if everything was up to me,
i would surrender my self to you,
as time has been spread too thin.

and the thing that keeping me here,
is you.
don't ever leave me,
let me drown you in my love.

i believe in luck,
i think i do.
but i sure am whenever i am with you.

- he says.

October 17, 2010

no lesson to be learned, no lesson to be burned.

no thoughts to act up,
no thoughts to speak up.

if i have my lesson,
and i will learn to destroy.
if i have the thoughts in mind,
and i will start to speak up.

- he says.

October 16, 2010

freaks me out.

lately i have been skeptical,
silent when i would use to speak.
distant from all around me,
who witness me fail and become weak.
i'd love to be the one to disappoint you,
when i am not falling down.

wake up and smell the concrete,
strange to see you change.
could it be identity crisis?
but you know you can't fight this.
reality bites,
and that's whats life is.

pitiful you,
your hideous behavior,
artificial mind seeking for ways to destruct others.
quit thinking like a has-been,
dig in my culture,
let me let you know that i am a soldier.

damn shame,
you're sick of yourself,
well i am sick of you too!
all your desperation,
causes separation.

now i grab the dagger to intimidate,
as your weakness screams.
from your limbs,
on your siren,
who really gives a fuck?

with the vibe alive,
you could try to lie and be so fly,
a lie,
but you deny you're a fake.
sick of yourself?
well i am sick of you too.

- he says.

October 14, 2010

three cheers to the four sentences.
fuck you,
impertinent imbecile.

- he says.

October 11, 2010

i was roaming around,
and i looked down and all i see,
wouldn't even move my eyes from watching you.

i just hope that i can make you notice,
that my love for you is deep.
deeper than the blue ocean can go.

put your hands on me,
and feel with me.

someone like you,
is not simple to find.
took me years to wait and see,
to search.
a perfection and an infinite beauty.

i kept on saying so,
because you are.

- he says.

tell me we both matter and i am the only one that have your heart.

you are something that i have not expect.
for once i feel so loved.
you were something that is so great,
and i wouldn't dare to hurt you.
i just couldn't afford to.

you're the ray that shines my face.
you are the light that shines in the dark.
as little as you are,
still i can see you in the dark.

walk with me in the rain,
hold my hand.
take me far away,
i just don't care where.
i cherish you,
forever i will do.

it is deep inside.
it's not too late to search for the happiness behind my smile.
because without it i am already happy inside.
you made me feel so.

i dropped my guards down,
tell me you'll take care of me.
and maybe then you will see.
all i want to do is to make you smile.
maybe you will see the sign,
and leave the burden behind your eyes.

i love you.
i really do.
dear perfection and infinite beauty.

- he says.

October 10, 2010


i have found something that i have wanted all along.

i got nothing to say,
and i let it all out,
and to find out that i am the only one with this thoughts in my mind.
you are the real thing that i have now to feel.

i got nothing to say,
but i am glad that i didn't fall right on my face.
instead i have fallen for you.
deeper and deeper.

looking everywhere,
this is not what i imagined in my mind.
never thought that it would be this way.
total epic.
that's what you are.

- he says.

i just miss you. i miss us.

i just can't help falling.
even though it is a long way down.

- he says.

October 9, 2010

save tonight.

how i wish i could just delay my miseries.
so go on and close the curtains.

- he says.

down, chemical sacrament.

when i am blind and i think i see everything,
convincing my self again,
that it is all just so true.

i will kill this part of me that i hate,
it is always mine anyway.
i choose not to feel a thing.
sanctity is just a breath away.

i am not impressed by much here.

- he says.
an instant rebel,
just add greed.
another useless commodity.
and the real thing would kill you quick.

just one time i've got a reason,
heard you have nothing to lose.
a pied fucker for the pin-eyed congregation,
it must be easy to lose.

somewhere between an excuse and a lie,
i found something that you believe.
i just cant understand why.
three cheers to that.


- he says.

can you just add in some color?

through dignity.
getting older and sicker everyday.

is it a problem that i am still drawing pictures of innocent times?
i want you to lead me,
take me somewhere,
i don't care where,
just far away.

if i change my perspective,
i am certain i'll change my ways.
when faith falls into place.

isn't it amazing how someone who is just a stranger,
now means the world to you.
despite all the fights and all.
guess that summer is just getting colder.

i say scream,
you scream.
now lead me.
take me somewhere.

- he says.

October 6, 2010

just us two.

it is in fact a full blown technicolor,
and your love is a verb here in my room.

- he says.

and every time the clock ticks, i think of you.

felt like telling you this.
you have treated me good,
like a diamond that is somehow precious,
like no others did.
pull my strings like you always do,

in this entire hectic life,
been driving along this endless road,
to find someone that is in my dreams.
and i found you,
a perfect beauty.

your charms,
your smile,
your eyes,
your hair,
your looks,
your thoughts,
your voice,
your movement,
no other words that can portray this paint of grand.

dear soul mate,
thank you for everything.
you brought life into me.
i love you,
and i will always do.

you're not great.
you're not awesome.
you are an epic.

- he says.


this town,
don't feel nice without you.
i trespassed to a tool,
to get away,
with you.

i dressed you,
in the clothes of my love.
now take me with you.
take me far away.

it feels good,
to know that you're mine.
now try this clothes on,
made out of my life.

now take me with you.
take me far away.
i don't care where,
just far.

- he says.