April 26, 2011

take the photograph, even though it is not going to be the last.

it is a giant,
but it is in control.
is it who you were?
is it the waves of the ocean?

safe to say from here.
now you're setting off.
waited all month long at the docks.

i can see through you now.
you're ugly.
ugly like me.
dont speak.

knuckles might be on your chin.

- he says.

thank you for your concern.

i have figured that these strange norm,
that keeps on telling me,
that i have a chance instead of a past.

with this stripes of red,
a little bit of blue perhaps,
and a dark gloomy purple.

what the hell was that?

come again please?
i am waiting for my own light to shine.
dear rain, 
please come again another day.
i am just lying here,
under the blanket,
with a hope for the hopes that i would dream of.

- he says.

wish i never thought of that in the end.

have you ever had your dreams collide?
when you closed your eyes,
and you tried to hide the hatred,
you waited another minute,
to burst into flames.

as the walls are talking to you,
in a manner that you dont understand.
now ask why this is so important.
idolize yourself as your own enemy.
better yet the better half of your own.

- he says.