January 22, 2010

ballad of the sad butcher.

ignorance at is best,
not at all a bliss.

how hatred lurks,
when a sperm flies out from the knees,
this is the ballad of the butcher.

in this concrete jungle,
he or she,
it's never fair.

- he says.

January 19, 2010


thousand pictures,
playing in my head.
what is it that they call peace?

what is hypocrisy?
when there are still tears shed?
how i miss a peaceful mind.

i am taking steps towards there.
will there ever be anyone to be with me while i shed my tears?
i am struggling.

- he says.

January 10, 2010


fuck it.
as it gets you fame.

fuck it.
you are known by others.

fuck it.
yeah, and fuck you too.

- he says.

January 4, 2010


you're the most adorable alien i've ever known.

dear alien,
i've fallen in love with you as the second i set my eyes on you.

dear alien,
i don't know you,
but i want you.

dear alien,
as i walk out through the night,
i'd look up the sky,
to count the UFOs.

dear alien,
this is a cliche,
but i need to tell you.

dear alien,
i love you.
i wish you do too.

- he says.

convinved that it is over, i guess?

she's strong,
everyone knows.

otherwise the world would end up in sorrow.
behind the laugh,
inside she shed the tears.

infected with the loathe?
who really knows?

we all do share the same feeling.
you're not left behind.
i know you're afraid,
as well as i am.

as you gained your strength,
as one pixel grows,
someone pushes a blade in your mind.

don't you worry.
the death of Optimus Prime wont even bother you.
truly i am convinced that you are strong.
go on.

- he says.

January 3, 2010

who would?

change my soul and mind from

dark to warm?

it's a mere boost of strength for my imagination.

- he asks.

January 2, 2010

as the test subject runs the experiment.

the bastards that i know,
was the heroes i hate.
but it's cohesing if i try.

i may fight for the unconventional.
unconditional is my right.

if and only if,
i can be as real as i am.
the only disadvantage is,
i never really knew the plan.

i may say i am the bitter bucolic.

i wish for not to be the inconsequential.
it isn't a just one-sided version,
as i've tried dealing with the manic subversion.

as i walk by,
the truth lurks with pervertion.

i pull,
when i am pushed to far.

- he says.