July 22, 2010

may i just say that you have stolen my heart?

i was certain the the season can be held between my hug and my love.

- he says.

July 20, 2010

specially for you.

wake up in the morning,
to find your face.
watching you sleep brings me peace.

always stand by me dear,
hold my hands,
lets take a walk in the rain.

wake up in the morning,
to find your chuckles.
i am singing
"you're the finest thing that i've got,
the hurricane i'll never outrun"

always stand by me darling,
hold my hands,
and lets have our walk in the rain.

every drop of the rain,
makes me fell braver.
every inch of you further away,
makes you stronger.

- he says.

July 14, 2010

your hands in mine. good bye.

i am holding my own hands.
the shadow of mine, 
which it is.

can i say good bye to myself?
i'd sing a long good bye song.

this music reminds me of how the notation goes.
sitting by the window in the train.

with the sip of the unknown satisfaction,
takes me all the way,
helps me to think.

somehow i miss the old me.
better yet,
someone wants the modern in me.

- he says.

July 13, 2010

why cant you raise your voice to say what you mean?

not even enjoying every bit of this pain.

pushing the pain.
i submit to whoever that causing the pain.

in a sense i used to enjoy the agony,
subconsciously i could be aroused,
but no.

maybe this is it?
is it?

even my biggest fear would laugh at this.
the river still flows, 
but no one knows.
even the expected one questions about it.

i submit to whoever that's causing this pain.
all of my senses are wallowing back.

- he says.

July 10, 2010

there's a price to pay.

the damsel is torn,
by her surroundings.

you were surely shadowed by the modern in me.
you never know,
how easy it is to break free.

- he says.


if i hadn't make me.
if i haven't assembled my self,
i'd be falling apart by now.

if i haven't make me,
people will start to climb up and bow.

if you haven't make you,
you will be laughed at.
if you let them fuck you,
you will be humiliated.
so why dont you start make your self?

you'll fuck yourself in your own way.
and i will do too.
let's fall into our own better halves.

- he says.
would you tell me, 
how did you do it?
to make me feel like i do?

- he says.

situation babbles me out of the core.

what has become of you?
you better not bleed.
the consequences are fatal to the souls of a crippled shooter.

you owe me.
you put the needles in your skin,
what do you feel?

you better think fast,
think fast.

you would never know what world is this.
you owe me.

- he says.

posting, settings, design, monetize.

we are going nowhere fast,
yet the warmth is bulging inside the pants.

will i have the chance to pass?
yet i have been distracted,
from my direct direction.

well can i forget,
where i came from?

if i blew a balloon for you,
would you love me too?
i would.

take a look around.
see wether the surroundings has changed or not.
i noticed your lips moved in slow motion when you sing.
i am going nowhere fast.

well can i forget,
to comb my hair?
i never really do actually.

if i tell you,
i am going nowhere fast, 
would you love me too?
i would.

- he says.

you're patriotic at heart.

do you think i should add here,
to this floating new frontier?

experience the war against yourself.
why you came in you're alive?

flow down the river.

not by this 13 shades of feathers,
which shows us something, 
the world order,
and dont let the world bring you down.

every one here is that fucked up,
and cold.
feel the warmth,
the breeze that flows into your nose.

tell me, where would you go?

- he asks.

July 8, 2010

my memories are slowly wallowing back.

in a sense i enjoy the agony,
personally i am aroused,

it is rotting inside,
but i dont care.
i submit to you,
for causing this pain.

in a sense i enjoy the agony.
becoming stronger in every step that i take,
is my absolute desire.

- he says.

and i am keeping this from you.

i love you. 
you broke the chains where i locked my heart.
you sway.
you swoon until you remember my name.

all these while, 
never thought that you'd see me.
the sky is grey,
but i am dancing in the rain.

i am living a lie,
dont ask me why.
just dont you open your eyes just yet.

only you will hear my pleads.
and only the creatures of the night would tell you how much i miss you.
i love you dear.

- he says.