May 30, 2011

the beauty that prevails.

pages, the designs.

no noise.

listen closely,

unless if you try your best,
you could hear the sound of the first three words.

there's no reason to be afraid,
there's no reason to be worried,
there's no reason to be curious.

want to know what the noise was?
it was that,
i love you.

- he says.

add enclosure, and now just you wait.

you are so strong.
and you have my respect.

you'd still kiss me,
even if i am sick.

you'd still kiss me,
even if i make you sick.

thank you.
i am so lucky that i have you.

- he says.

save now.

i feel the fear pissed in the wind.
now just you wait until i tell you a secret.

when the light shines on your face,
it hits my eyes,
as the light that the universe gives.

time can be unfair,
plus bias at times.
it throws punches,
and it all feels the same.

but know this,
you're a secret,
a secret that i can give up on.

- he says.


and i wish i could.

as the lady was adjusting her hair,
as it were blown by the wind.

as the kid was throwing his ball upwards,
as it froze up in the sky.

as the cars are moving too fast,
as suddenly as if there was a traffic jam.

i wish i could pause the time.
then i'll finally have the chance to tell you,
that now we can be alone.

- he says.

position option.

and in these lights across the roads,
i began to wonder,
i began to picture the two of us.

and suddenly remarkably strucked in my mind.

i am not a little bit trying to change your world.
but instead i brought you into mine.
as it collides,
and as in hoping that it is easier to live in,
in case they send me back.

- he says.
i will wait here,
for you.

- he says.


and i am,
here all alone,
waiting for you,
just to see you.

somehow i see,
there's only two of us in it.
two of us in it.
and it is all that i wanted to.

- he says.

May 8, 2011

like paper cuts it hurts.

have you ever felt,
but there's no way to let it out?

now i am lost,
i am lost inside.
loved ones,

they're all here,
but i was never there for them.
i am suffering,
suffering from the wrath of myself.

i see the light,
i see the darkness,
but i am stuck in between.
and now i am lost.

brinks of death,
i may think.

save me now,
save me before i drown,
i beg to anyone that really cares.

i may smile,
i may speak,
i may laugh.
but i have everything to worry about.

these violin sounds,
i wish i could kill this with a tune.
or presumably with an unknown satisfaction.

that is all i want for now.
just to close my eyes,
lay down,
and just flow with whatever images that comes into my mind.
and i wish you're there too.

- he says.

designed and well played.

this is not just another box,
not an other,
i say.
now for you fools that have disregarded,
here's a cheers for the fakes.

and in this time, 
as you walk through that building,
you know you have left feelings somewhere.
but it just seem too hard to reach.

the society,
it's all the society's fault.

- he says.

worry about someone's happines.

take me now.
and in my sleep,
let it fly.
watching it,
in disregard.

what a nice life.

i have been wondering,
what am i still doing here,
what am i still doing with her.

i saved myself,
for someone,
somewhere on this very ground.
and for now,
i believe it is you.

in some likely fashion,
which is not romance.
lets turn the notch up a bit.
make it romance.

- he says.


if you're worried,
of how i am,
here's what it is.

i am not okay.

- he says.