November 12, 2012

it's cool.

it is good to have some one who clicks with you.
they understand you, as they also feel the same.

- he says.

November 9, 2012

let the light shine.

during that morning,
you gave me this look.
as i chewed it with my eyes and mind,
all the things i dont know what's going through your mind,
all i want to say is thank you.

for holding on to me,
as i felt appreciated,
as i appreciate you more,
there's no appropriate word i can say,
how much i am thankful for you.

i just told you i love you so,
but you never knew that i have wanted you for more.
so please keep on holding my hand.
i know you're the one.

- he says.

all i see will say.

through other's eyes,
i survived.
all i ever i breathed is all for me.

all of me,
is all for you,
and of my own,
i cherish.

staring into the night,
with this victorious return,
as i walked through vanity.
through every second i walked these paths without you.

and all i see is me.
what i've been through,
what i've survived in,
all these breath,
all of these love,
is the road i chose,
for the street avenue that will lead me to you.

- he says.

November 1, 2012

i'd rather be with you.
sitting here, typing in the dark.
without my glasses.
state of grace.. 
i never saw you coming,
i never pleaded to say goodbye.
it has been a while, but the difference between wrong and right.
we dont care how much they are offering.

- he says.

i need a mental holiday.

and when no one knows my name.
and in the atmosphere is humidity.

everything has changed.

- he says.