October 25, 2012

something of me still plays a part on you?
calmingly, the acknowledgement is good.

- he says.
tell me,
what are you running from?
may i interfere?
where are you running to?
is the sound made by the piano moves you?
or basically the hit on the kick bass turns you up?

save, publish, preview, close it.
silently scream to yourself in the mirror.
do they really know you?
maybe they do.

you love yourself in your own way.
you suffering, loudly.
living it up.

brace yourself,
the shelter is coming.
as the way of making you sway will may be appear.

- he says.

a peaceful journey no where.

hey, you.
yes, you.
here, take my hand.
come on, take it.
hold it tight.

now follow me.

lets have this sweet,
peaceful journey,
a story within,
that we write along the way on the walls of air and surroundings.

if you're afraid, just close your eyes.
if you're cold, i'll hold you tight.
if you're blue, i'll look at you and smile.

keep up with that smile,
you're pretty with that.

take my hand,
don't let it go.
we'll spend more time together before we go.

- he say.

the nights.

do you remember it well?
the night we stand on a hill and we watched all the lights around?
do you remember it well?
of the time we first met?
of how nervous we was?

you own the privilege to hold this hand now.
when i close my hand around yours,
i can feel your hand, that is feeling mine.
the mutual feeling.

- he says.

let the sun shine.

good morning.
how are you today?
slept well last night?
good to know.

why did you cry last night?
something wrong?
don't worry, things will be better today.

you haven't slept yet?
my ohh my,
aren't you're tired?
well may you have a good rest later on then.

hey you,
wake up.
you're wasting the sun.

whether you, or you, and you, or you.
whoever you are.
may you have a blessed day today.

- he says.

why cant i figure this out?

i have left this for quite a while now.
i missed it, i missed it a lot.
believe me when i tell you.

who do you think you are?
why are you here?
who brought you here?
never mind any of these questions.

this is indeed,
something for you to chew with your eyes and mind.

- he says.

post day to day.

who would've thought?
that this morning,
you woke up on the left side of your bed,
and a person next 87163 kilometres from you,
does the same thing like you did,
on the exact same time?

- he says.

time we spent.

the empty space between us.
just to remind me of how far away you are.
i am bored.
i am bored without you.
i want you here.
i want you near.
patiently i am waiting.
don't you worry,
i'll be back, you'll be back, again.
the labels are scheduled,
and the options are on.
links on the location.
watching day and night passes by to see you fly here someday.

- he says.

what should you realize.

remember the kind.
the kindness of the people you don't know.
you must be wondering,
what do they have to do with you?
have it ever occurred to you to ever thought of what you have in common?

it is not a game.
something for you, for me, for we.

- he says.

October 24, 2012

after time ends.

and when it's dark,
you will walk down the street.
as you look to the right, look to the left,
what do you see?

- he says

some thought i gave.

what do you know?
you there.
how long has it been?
it has been a while,
hasn't it?
where have you been?
where were you?
i miss this.
now i am back.
lets hope for now i'll stay.
been considering of not wasting these abilities.

- he says.