April 25, 2012

settle down.

since everything seems unfair,
take more than what you can give.
and from the city lights and sound,
they said it would be okay.

- he says.

April 24, 2012


- he says.

April 23, 2012


here i brag for the second time.
before i say to you good night,
here's a heads up,
it's morning actually.
so start your day lively.

- he says.

the bliss of nicotine and caffeine.

cry me an ocean.
i'd drink it dry.

- he says.

April 22, 2012

believe me as how you believed in your shoe.

as the first time i see you cry,
and i know that this is not faith i am dealing with.
it is me,
and i have to change.
put on labels,
post options,
i didn't know so many,
but i could understand.
but without explaining.

- he says.


i've tried to put you on paper.
i've tried, 
i've tried for so many times.
but i failed.
and there you go again.

- he says.

hidden depths.

did you notice the space between us?
have you ever notice it?
remember the time when i was lighting cigarette?
when you were at the corner and looked at me with such a deviant face.
that, the moment that i actually miss to see again.

- he says.


and in anything you would want to synthesize,
you know already what to judge.
yet you question the people judging you.

- he says.