November 30, 2010

and Aziemah is on my mind.

you are definitely the most beautiful song that no one ever sing.

all this time i have been waiting.
and your presence, 
really worth it.

- he says.

and i liked you for that.

bleaching your teeth,
and smiling flash.
talking trash, 
under my window.
hands against the wheel,
yours against the lap.
park the car,
keep the phone inside your pocket.
sleep on the bed,
and please,
dream of me.
i do.
i do dream of you,
and it's beautiful.

- he says.

November 17, 2010

and now you're dressed in all of me.

i love you.
i really do.

- he says.

and this was one of the reasons why i do.

and i am waiting inside my shell, waiting to bleed.

i have felt he hate rise up in me.
and all i do is delay,
all my attempt to evade.

and now it justifies my means.

- he says.

the view from my room when it rains.

your hands in mine. (goodbye)

ever wonder how it turns out to be?
we are lucky enough to have things that we feel hard to say goodbye to.
we do.

either secretly we leave,
or we lie,
or we actually say it by words.
and some jot it down.

it's not hard to keep track.
just say the words,
just make the move.
keep on holding on if you feel like letting go.

have you ever wondered?
how it turned out to be?

- he says.

death comes quick, you never plan it.

well somebody was definitely looking up in the sky and gave a thought of his or her life.
they keep on wondering,

all of the questions might be the answers for their sins.
who knows.
somebody woke up today and left forever without any goodbyes.

- he says.

the stranger died as i walked out the door.

Someone woke up today.

Someone woke up today and kissed someone they love on the forehead.

Someone woke up today and kissed someone they love on the forehead, before they left.

Someone woke up today and kissed someone they love on the forehead, before they left, they said

"I love you. Have a good day. I'll speak to you later."

Someone woke up today and kissed someone they love on the forehead, before they left, they said

"I love you. Have a good day. I'll speak to you later. I love you. I love you."

And they replied

"I love you."

And they kissed them goodbye.

For the very last time.

Someone woke up today. But they won't wake up tomorrow.

- he reads.
and i..
miss you.

- he says.

November 9, 2010

good morning, love.

to the left,
and i am lost.
to the forest,
and i am gone.
to the east,
and i am empty.

i grew bored and depressed of time,
as the time slips away without singing any goodbye,
to the core of the Earth,
where it is not have been discovered.

my colors,
are the feelings of me longingly missing someone.
and my heart,
it's blue.

waiting for my dear love,
is like a blinded man seeing the heavens.
like the lights that summons the sounds of black.

longingly i continue this journey of passionate wait.

and now the night arrives because the sun has left the day behind.
hardened with the sounds of the light and peaceful rain.

felt like running,
the mountain that i could just not have in my arms.

and it is similar,
to how i really miss you.

i am still on this journey,
longingly waiting,
for the majestic perfection and infinite beauty.
or else i would just drive down the river,
further to the sea.

i miss you.

- he says.

November 8, 2010


just ask me how much do i have this feelings lingering for you,
from deep down my heart.

and i would tell you to look up to the sky at night,
wait until you can see the oceans of stars,
and start counting.

or better yet,
try to describe about the taste of water.
something that we can not just specify,
is it not?

how much i feel for you is just hard to explain,
hard to specify.

but believe me my dear,
i do love you.

- he says.
you have me,
and i have you.

i assure you,
that you are all that i want.

- he says.

could have it been there all along?

i never felt the way i feel today,
it is just extremely special for me to specify.
it is really awesome to get to know you.

you brought me to the heights i thought i know.
you sunk me in the deepest sea with the depth that i thought i know.
every thing is just hard for me to testify and specify.

but i am beginning to notice that i really in love with you.
from the second i laid my eyes on you.

i never felt the way i feel towards you.
it is just so beautiful for me to specify.

- he says.


we could just try each other on,
to see whether we fit each other.
we all have a weakness,
look me in the eyes,
and identify what i am feeling towards you.

if you couldn't see what i feel,
let me tell you this,
you made me discovered the better part of me.
and i keep reminding me that we have each other.
you make me face the beautiful phase of my life.

- he says.

feel like i do.

lost in line.
we could start again,
i guess?

but why would we?
everything is just so perfectly alligned.
but may i ask you something?

how do you do it?
to make me feel like i do?

would you take me to the outerspace?
if i am afraid of heights,
would you hold me close?

would you show me your world as seen from the stars?
would you show me everything that involves you?

i understand that your love is such a big verb for me.

now i am lost in line.
how did you do it?

i cant you show you much,
but i can show you how it feels to have you here in my heart.

- he says.

and the bugs summoned.

now i dig my chin inside the sounds,
and the oceans of strings looked like a thousand hearts,
shining red.

i kneel against the wall,
pretending i am happy,
practically i am,
but it's more meaningful if only you're here.

now i really wish that you are here.
i wish you are here.

i am counting the bugs,
signalling them to bring you here.
placing my ladder up in the sky,
and the stars resembles your pretty face.
and in this moment i am happy.

sit quietly,
hands against each others,
and feel the breeze flows like we're in the roller coaster.
i wish you are here in front me.

- he says.

i am a creep. i am a weido.

yet you stayed.
now would you just flow with me,
until the end of the river.

drift to the unknown,
let the water flows us back to the shores.
your love is a verb,
and it is really worth the thrills.

further down the river,
we choose to refuse,
that our love is just untrue.
and because it is really not.

- he says.


you permeate in my screen,
you flew in front of my door.

you practically touched me in the spot,
where i could just fall fumbled in my knees.

i guess what i ever wanted is this,
just this,
whatever this is.

wouldn't want to lose you,
all i want is just you.

i want you.

- he says.

it is this one thing that make me tripping.

i was just a fake plastic watering can before i met you.

- he says.

November 5, 2010

three fold Utopian dreams.

i would like to say,
that you are on me mind.
i would like to be,
the one that's on your mind too.

it's hard to believe that i always do,
but trust me,
it's true.

but we're separated by the deep blue see.
one would think that's hard and harsh,
but i don't care.
and it's true, 
you and only go around,
and around.

because i know we're the perfect two.
i would be the pencil to your papers.
and please draw little hearts,
smiles and my name.

do you want to go to the seaside?
you and your charms.
i love you.
i am trying to love you any kind of way.
but i find it hard to love you girl,
caused by my flaws.

take my hands, 
guide me,
show me where to go.

do you want to be in my world as seen from the stars?
these dimmed orange lights,
cool breeze,
the warmth of my body.
for once,
with my charms and along my flaws,
i want you to be happy just being with me.

i want to be the one,
the only one,
the one you call your everything.
because you are to me.

- he says.

and i know in time we'll both see.

we are all we need.
you and me.
add the two of us,
what do we get?

a perfect two.

- he says.