February 27, 2010


your television,
your paper bags,
your tooth brush,
your boxed burger,
your sweaty bra,
are meant for you to see.

it's your life and not mine.
you're not my wife,
so you're not mine.

you know what i am trying to say.
yet you did it again.

it's dumb.
it's not a challenge for the wisdom.
where did you put the condom?
tell me.

why would we change a thing,
when we had the greatest nights of our lives?

it's your life,
not mine.

do what your heart told you.
but don't go to the place that your eyes take you.
forgive and forget.

take your bra with you.

- he says.

February 24, 2010

ohh you're a cockroach.

- he says.

pacing death's trail.

it's all the thing that we compromise.

well surrender,
to nothing.
except to your own white flag.

disrespect yourself.
war is on.
step on the thin line.

draw circles around you.
crawl through the knives and the broken glass.

this is forever mine,
that is forever yours.

if you could see the things i need,
this needles will bleed for you.

save all of your prayers,
i think we've lost today.
i mean,
you've lost.

no one's around you to blame.
scream your lungs out.

stop a baby's breath,
for a shoe full of rice.
time to make believe,
that no one seems to care.

know this,
we'll die too.

- he says.
it feels nice to be appreciated on what we do.

thank you.

- he says.

February 22, 2010

can you hear me now?

- he ask.

story of all.

nothing unusual.
nothing strange.
close to nothing at all.
it's the same old scenario,
same old rain.
something unusual.
something strange.
compared to nothing at all.

i saw a spaceship,
fly by your window.
come sit on my wall.
tell me your story.
has things changed for you and me?

something unusual.
something strange.
nothing has changed,
it's just us growing a little older by the second.

tell me your story like you still believe.

- he says.

so it is.

i am lately,
being this such prick.

may i ask,
does he brushes his teeth before he kisses you?
is he bold enough to face your depression?
does he drives you wild?
or mildly free?
do you think of me when you fall upon your knees?
does he cook for you?

so it is, 
just like what you said.
life would go easy on me.

short story became long.
no love no glory?
is that what you mean.

you're my hero,
in my skies.
i still cant take my eyes off of you.

- he says.

can you paint an elephant?

- he asks.

no, it's not easy.

you know you can wait for ages.
time is contagious,
every thing's going old.

we were blind, 
when we needed to see.
we were deft,
when we needed to hear.

this has got to die.
this has got to stop.
this has got to lie down.

- he says.

holding hands.

why don't you feel all the sorrow?
sing with me,
if it doesn't mean anything to you.
you know, 
it is love that taught us to lie.

we live, 
to die.

you can hold her hands.
explain to her your weakness,
so she'll understand.
stand around,
ask her what she wants.

please treat her well for me.

- he says.

February 13, 2010

thank you so much for replying with a just simple fucking


- he says.

February 12, 2010

that's the story of you and me.

dear friend,
i know our story has come to an end.
i have to put a desclamation point to it, 
even i didn't want it.

only the creatures of the night will harmonize with me.
i missed you so.
how i wish i want you to know.

that's the story.

the joy we had,
the pain we shared.
i want to hold your hands,
once again at least.

i want you. 
i want you back.
i remember that December.
still i do.

i miss you,
old friend.

rest in peace, Melissa.

- he says.

February 10, 2010

getting tired.

of being actually alone.

- he says.

February 5, 2010

unknown satisfaction.

be my dream,
i am addicted.

i want to go to places in my head,
where i have never been before.

- he says.


i may not have character.
yet i play roles during the day and night.
mirror reflection?

you and i,
we are the same.
ohh yes, 
it is inspiring.
but we are exactly not.

on the mirror.
what do i actually see?
i can't just justify all these negativity.
i know it's not only me that changes everything.

- he says.