July 24, 2009

Close Your Eyes For Me.

There was Lisa and Jared. They were really close to each other. They're not married, but they live together. They were orphans, actually. Jared and Lisa was really in love.

Jared would do anything for Lisa, just to show her how much he loves her. He'd shout out in public, he'd carry her on his back if she's tired to walk. You name it, he'd do it for Lisa. That really proves how much he loves her.

Everybody around the neighborhood hated Lisa. She's handicapped, she's blind. People around them doesn't like people with less skills very much.

But no matter what, they still lives happily together. Jared always told her that he'd find someone to donate his or her eyes to Lisa. Lisa hold up to that promise that Jared had made.

Days go by, weeks go by, months go by, years go by. It has been 3 years that they've been together, deeply in love. In all those while, they have been through all the bitter sweet moments in life. But they keeps on going through.

The fights and all, but they were really in love. Sometimes they made a promise to each other, that they wont leave each other. Jared took care of Lisa. Even though Lisa's condition wasn't that bad, but her activities were unlimited.

Jared took care of the bills, rent, and all the payments that they should have to do. Lisa was an artist. She's a blind artist. How awesome was that? Her paintings sells, but that could only help for the extra incomes or for emergency causes.

They are not that poor, still. They still could spend the money they earned for leisure. One day, while they went out for a special dinner, which was on their anniversary, Lisa said to Jared, "Dear, I love you very much.". "I love you too, darl." Jared replied.

"I'd marry you if I could see again, dear...." Lisa continued.

Weeks after that night, Jared came home from work with a good news for Lisa. The good news was, there is a guy who would donate his eyes to Lisa. Excited about the news, Lisa hugged Jared and kissed him. Imagine how happy Lisa was that moment.

"Dear, please don't ever leave me?" Jared asked Lisa. "Silly, why would I leave you? I am happy with you. I love you, Jared. YOU~ don't leave me." Lisa replied.

The next day, Lisa was brought to the hospital. She was admitted to stay at the ward, she was about to be prompted for the eye transplant. That was the last day that Lisa have been together with Jared.

Weeks passed. Lisa was still staying in the hospital. She have to heal up, before she could go back home. Lisa was really excited to fully healed up, so that she could see again.

A month and a half after that, Lisa was fully healed. She was discharged from the hospital. Before she went home, a nurse came to her and passed her a note. The note was from Jared. Lisa asked the nurse, what about the charges for the hospital? "It has been taken care of." the nurse said and smiled.

Looking at the note, it was in Braille, because that's the only writing that Lisa could read. The note says,

"Meet me at the coffee shop, just around the corner, close to the hospital. I'll see you as soon as u get out. Love, -Jared."

She went to the coffee shop as the note says. She was surprised to see that Jared is blind! The saddest thing happened to Jared. Lisa broke up with him. She said she couldn't be together with him because he's blind. She left the coffee shop. Before she left, Jared told her something.

Few seconds after that, Lisa heard a bang. An accident has occurred at the corner. A man was hit by a bus. All that she can hear was "OHH my God!!" from people around there. She rushed to the crowd, and she found out that the man that was hit by the bus was, JARED. He died instantly.


Lisa was really crushed. She went from a happy girl to this quiet girl. She couldn't stop thinking about him, the one who took care of her all this since. She remembered what Jared told her before she left the coffee shop, few moments before Jared died.

"Thanks for the memories. Please take care of my eyes. I'll always be with you, my love."

Those were the last words that Lisa heard from Jared.



July 21, 2009

Cheese Cake Love.

A pretty young woman stops from taking her steps, and she talks to herself "Every single day, its not possible for me -not to walk infront of this bakery..". People have always said that cakes at this very bakery was really good, especially the cheese cake.

The lady continues to ponder, "I'll gain weight if I eat too much of a cheese cake..". "But that is not the main reason why I'm standing here infront of this shop." she continues.

A figure of a good looking male came towards her..
"Ohh my god! He's coming here!" the lady told herself. "May I helo you with something, miss? You've been standing here for like, 15 minutes now. You want to come in an have a seat?" the good looking male asked.

That is the main reason why that the pretty young woman was wandering infront of the cake store. The good looking male. The lady's face turns red. She blushed. She told herself, "Ohh, how great. Finally I got the chance to come in here..".

The male lad came to the table where she sits, he gave her a cup of coffee and a menu to the cakes served at the bakery. "Coffee's on the house, miss." tha lad said, with a smile. The pretty young woman replies with a simple thank you.

"Would you like to order any of the cakes here? Or better yet, would you like to try the cheese cakes?" the young good looking lad asked her. The lady, agrees with the lad's idea about the cheese cake. So she said "Yes, I would have some cheese cake.". She smiled.

She was served with the cheese cake she ordered. She took the first bite, and told herself "This cake is really really nice.". "But the truth is, I only like the cheese cakes that he makes."

After a few moments, she couldn't believe that she finished all the cake that she was served. While paying for the service, the good looking male asked the pretty lady "How was the cake that I made?". The lady replied with a smile, and she said it was "Delicious!". The lad continues with a small laugh, and he said "For sure it is, you wont find any cheese cake as good as that at other places. Hope we can meet again, thanks for coming.."

Weeks passed.
She actually went to the bakery twice a week. The cheese cake must be that good. "Every time you came in, miss, you'd order the same thing. The cheese cake. You really like my cheese cake, do you miss?" tha lad asked her with a smile. The lady blushed, and said yes to the question.

Inside, she asks herself, "How would I ever tell you the truth about my feelings towards you, mister..?"

"You seems very happy, miss. Here, let me tell you a story about cheese cakes." the lad said.


The depth between them became closer. She really wished for the short-term happiness would last forever. But then again, a quick reality wakes her up.

"Dear good looking cake boy, I want some cheese cake too!". A voice of another woman appears. The lad said, "Honey, please don't do this. Cant you see that we have a customer here?". The misterious woman replies, "You're trying to flirt with her, right? Haha. Why don't you flirt with me, dear handsome?"

They wasn't fighting. It was like they were just cuddling like what sweet couples do. The misterious woman appeared to be the lad's wife.

The pretty young lady's was crushed. She felt really empty. She quickly pays for the service and she left. She told herself, "This is how it is.. My cheese cake love is about to start, and it comes to an end really quick..". "Since that moment on, I don't think that I'll like cheese cakes anymore.".



A Painting That Worth A Thousand Words.

I remember, it was 10 years ago. I was painting a picture under a shady tree somewhere in a park, in London. There was this girl. She stared at me while I'm painting this picture. She's young, maybe she was 12years old, back then.

As she is staring at me, I asked her, "What's the matter, little girl?". The girl blushed, and ask me, "Would you teach me how to draw? You are really good, mister..".

"Please teach me.. I want to draw something special.." she begged. She pulled something out from her bag pack, and she showed me a drawing that she did, saying that the picture was the only best thing she ever drawn. A picture of a father, a mother, and a daughter holding hands together. From there we can assume that its a picture of a happy family.

She was begging and all that, so I tried to comfort her. I said, "That is already good!" But the girl, being sad, and she said "I want to be as good as you, I want to do much better then this.."

So I told her this, "You should just practise everyday. I'm sure that you'll be much better in a few years.". The girl, shocked but something that I said, "Few years?!".

I said yes, thats what it took me to do this. So I asked her why is it that she is so shocked? She said, "It'll be too late then..". She turned gloomy. I asked her "What do you mean by that? What will happen?"

The girl teared the picture in half. She then shed some tears. "Mommy and Daddy have been hurting each other all these since..". "After they separate, I would never draw a picture of my family, no matter how good I am..". "That's why..". "Please teach me..". She said in pauses, she was crying.

I have to say the truth, "I can't, little girl. I'm a traveller. I'll be gone by tomorrow.. And besides,"
"Would it not be better to have your family, rather than just having a drawing of your family?" I asked.

"I don't want to feel so helpless.." the girl said. I tried to comfort her, i gave her a hug and whispers into her ears, "Don't despair..".

I told her, "Once, someone told me that art is about content, not skills. And a picture is worth thousand words.". Still trying to comfort her, I asked, "I have an idea, why don't we make an art trade?". "Your drawing, for a thousand words." I continued.

The girl replied, "But the picture is ripped, what can I do with a thousand words?". I told her, "Maybe, just maybe.. One thousand words will be enough to convince your parents.". It's getting dark, and I have to go. Before I left, I told her, "Meet me here tomorrow morning, you'll see..". And I left.

The next morning, I went back to the park. Suprisingly, she was there waiting for me. As I arrived, she was really excited that I came. I smiled. How cute she was. I gave her an envelope.

I said, "As I promised, a thousand words.". "But don't open it, give it to your parents." I said to her.

So she went back and she gave the envelope to her parents. Both her parents opened the envelope, it was the picture that the little girl has drawn, only that I taped the picture, because it was ripped by her. I am actually trying to send her parents a message, that the little girl, their daughter really doesn't want them to separate.

Few years after that, I went back to the park. I saw the same little girl, only that she has grown. She saw me and quickly she hugged me. "Mister!". She said. I can tell how much she missed me.

The girl wished me thank you, for that I have helped her. So I asked, "So your family is still together? I'm glad about that..".

The happy look on the girl's face turned gloomy. "They divorced a week after that.." she said. "Ohh my.. I am sorry.. I failed to make a difference.." I replied. I have to admit, I was kind of sad that I couldn't make a difference, thus making this little girl happy.

The little girl grabs my hand and said, "That's not true! You've made a big difference in me!". Sure I was glad to hear that, eventhough it was a bit shocking. "I've decided to become an artist, just like ~you. I will make a difference in the world for better. One thousand words, at a time."

"HERE, one thousand words of my grattitude.". She gave me a book. I opened the book and said, "One thousand words, indeed.". I smiled.

The whole pages in the book was written the words,



July 19, 2009

The Journal.

It's recess time.

Hasan got punched in the face. Whamm! He got kicked in the torso. When Hasan can barely stand up, the bullies took his money & walk away. Making fun of fum, bullying him, was the bully's favourite activity. Wonder, how did they always get away with it?

Here come's Aminah, the prettiest girl in school. Standing infront of Hasan, telling him, "If you don't ever want to be strong, they will always comeback for you.". Shocked, Hasan quickly ran away from that place.

Hasan asked himself, "Why did I ran away? Why would she talk to me? She's the prettiest girl in school.". Trying to ignore that situation for a while, he started to concentrate on what the teacher is explaining in the class.

Hasan is a lonely kid, he doesn't have any friends.

The school bell rang, telling its time that the school session is over.

Hasan rides his bicycle home. While he is actually on his bike, he got distracted, he saw - Aminah. Attracted to her beauty, he began to fantasize. Suddenly somehow he ran into a traffic light, and injured himself.

Noticing the situation, Aminah quickly run to him, with the intentions to help. Few hours passed, they sat together at an old bench in a park near the place of the accident. They talked. They get to know each other. They never spoken to each other before.

Aminah asked Hasan a question, "Err, Hasan, may I ask you a question?"
Hasan replied, "Yes, sure."
Aminah asked him, "I've never seen you spoke with anyone at school. Don't you have any friends?"
Hasan's face turned, he replies "I'm an orphan, nobody wants to be friends with me. Plus I'm better off alone.". "Hey, how come I never seen you spoken to anyone too?". Hasan asked the same question back to Aminah.

Aminah explained, she doesn't really need friends. She have a journal. She'd just write whatever she thinks or see inside the journal that she owns. "OH my, see what time it is? I'd better run along, or else my mother will be worrying about me" .... "You'd better start writing too~."

Aminah left. Hasan stood there, thought about what Aminah said.

The next day, at recess, Hasan came to Aminah, asked her that if she would teach him how to write a journal. "It's simple, idiot. (chuckles) You just write whatever you want, whatever you see, whatever you think.". Embaressed, Hasan replied, "Ohh really~?".

They walked home together after school, talked, getting to know better about each other. Hasan asked Aminah, "Would you read whatever I wrote in this book?". "OFCOURSE~!" Aminah replied.

Days went by, those days became the happiest days ever to Hasan. He, who was very lonely, turned to this happy child. Aminah's existence in his life really changed him. They were happy together as friends. They became close, inside school and even out of schools. Aminah were the best friends ever to Hasan.

One day, Hasan wondered, "Where is she? I haven't seen her for like, 2weeks now.". Deciding to know what happened, Hasan went to Aminah's house. He rang the bell, Aminah's father opens the door. With a gloomy face, Aminah's father passed Hasan a letter and told him to go back home and read the letter.

Not being able to resist, Hasan just follow as he was commanded. He went back home with full question marks. Soon as he gets home, he started reading the letter that Aminah's father had passed to him. The content of the letter was..

"Dear Hasan,
We haven't met each other for a while now. I miss you. I really do. Last week I was submitted to the hospital. I have to go for an operation. I have a tumor inside my head. The doctor said that the chances for me to survive from this operation is just 20%.

You see, this is why I don't have any friends, other than you. I hate leaving people that i care about & love. I didn't tell you that i have this tumor in the first place because I don't want you to be worried about me.

By the time you are reading this letter, I am actually in the operation theatre. Please pray luck for me.

Promise me, wait for me at the bench where we started knowing each other. The place where we first talked after you hit that traffic light. Wait for me there in the next 7 days. If I don't appear as we promised, please forget me and go on with your life.

love, ~ Aminah."

Hasan began to shed tears, as he reads the letter. He screamed, "Why would you leave me, Aminaaaaaaaaahhhh???"

He cried for days, thinking about Aminah. As at the 7th day, Hasan went to the bench at the park where they sat together at the first day of the friendship. He waited there from the morning. Aminah still doesn't appear.

That evening, it rained heavily, and the rain continued until midnight. Suprisingly, Hasan was still there. He kept on waiting and waiting. He was exposed in the rain for too long. He collapsed.
A few moments after that, the rain stops. Hasan felt there was something is holding his hands.
Soon he recovered, he opened his eyes...

He say Aminah, holding his hands, giving him her journal. Hasan can't really believe what's happening. He saw Aminah, floating off the ground. Aminah hugged him, kissed his cheek and whispers "I love you, Hasan. You were the best.". Aminah began to dissapear in the fog.

Hasan, was shocked, touched, sad, happy, and everything he could feel. He look into his hands, there were Aminah's journal.

That night really meant a big thing to Hasan.

Few years passed. Hasan moved on with his life. One day, as he walks in a shopping mall, he saw a girl that looked exactly like Aminah. Hasan approached her, trying to say hi, but the girl ran away. Hasan chased her, trying to tell her that he doesn't mean no harm, he just want to be friends. The girl stops, looked at him and smiled. She walks away and dissapeared in between the crowd in the shopping mall.

Hasan went home, puzzled with what happened at the mall. He wants to write something inside his journal, but he notices something else. Aminah's journal was on his table. Opened to page 167, where the content of the page was,

"....today he told me that he is actually lonely, he ain't got friends. He won't be lonely anymore, I hope, 'coz I'll always be there for him~ "


July 18, 2009

Evangelina oh Evangelina.

There was this lady who lives in a small town somewhere in Polland. Her name was Evangelina Tildsberger. She is a fine, pretty looking lady. Every other woman in the town envy her. They talk bad things about her. But she never really cared.

Despite being hated by all the other women, she was really, really loved by all men. The men were just wishing that they could sleep with her. Well, they will get aroused when she came around.

She's always alone. She went to the market alone, went to the town alone. NO man was with her, and she never talk to any stranger who steps in her way. All people would just stare as she passes by.

Then came along this one kid, named William, who is deeply in love with Evangelina. The difference between their age is like 20 years apart. William is only 15 years old. But you know, that's the age where we became interested in everything.

William, who was deeply in love with Evangelina, found out where she actually live. He began to stalk her. He was good, though. He never get caught. He'd follow Evangelina everywhere she'd go. To the market, to town, & even the church. He was really good in stalking, because Evangelina never really notice the kid.

One day, William followed Evangelina to this one house, where Evangelina always go everyday. But William never gets the chance to know what is Evangelina is doing inside that house. That very day, he finally knows what she was doing. Evangelina was having sex with an army commander! They were having an affair.

The commander, also named William, also known as Capt. Willow, was one of the Nazi army that is conquering that town at the moment. That incident where William (the kid) encountered, where he saw Evangelina & Capt. Willow was having an affair, really broke his heart. He even shad tears. Imagine someone you love is naked & having sexual 'fun' with another person.

Evangelina was actually a lonely lady, where her husband was believed had died in a war earlier involving Polish army & German army. Her late husband was considered a hero to the fellow town people. How did she get attached with a Nazi commander remain a question. The story about Evangelina had an affair with the Nazi commander spreaded around town. Women from the town was devious, they hated her.

7 weeks later, people around town was informed that the Polish army has won the battle around the region. The Polish army attacks the Nazi's army base in the town. The town was partly damaged, but few weeks later, things go back to normal, as the Nazi army surrenders to the Polish army.

Evangelina, who was found in the German building in the town, was dragged outside to the public. Beaten down & stripped. In front of the people. She was badly beaten. The other women was really mad at her, as she turns out to be like a prostitute to Capt. Willow, the Nazi commander. These women is also threatened by her beauty, being afraid to lose their husbands to her.

The kid, William, he was there to witness the incident. He never did do anything. He didn't try to help, as he is just a kid, he's helpless. Even the men who was witnessing it can't even help. The women were very devious.

Evangelina ran away, naked, crying with full of shame. She dissapeared for a while. William (the kid), moved on with his life. Suddenly, Evangelina's 'late' husband returns to town. He began to ask people where Evangelina is. People won't answer his question, infact they make fun out of him, discriminate him.

But what they don't know is, that Evangelina's husband, Michael Lars is going to be the Mayor of the town in just couple of days. William, he came across with Mayor-to-be Mr. Michael, & told him about what happened. William actually know where she went, and direct Mr. Michael to the address. Again, William is heart-broken.

The day Michael was announced as the new Mayor, people around town became shocked. How could this be? The next day, people see Michael & Evangelina walking, holding hands across town. People bowed with respect, not expecting that Evangelina is now an important lady in the town. She was once humiliated infront of hundreds of people, now is the high-ranked people.
Who would've thought about that?

People who discriminated them, the couple, now treats them with much respect. As they are the highest-ranked people in the town. Mr. Michael haven't forgotten William, the kid who directed his way to find Evangelina. Mr. Michael himself and his wife Evangelina went to the kid's house, to wish him thank you.

Sadly they found him dead, in his house, where he hanged himself to the ceiling, along with a note saying,

"Evangelina oh Evangelina, I am to apologise that I've been stalking you all these while. I fell in love with you. Yes, you. A kid & a grown up lady. Who would thought of that. Now that your husband is back, I know that we would never be together. Evangelina, I've always wanted to talk to you. I'm glad that I said Hi, eventhough you didn't reply. I love you, I love you, I love you. Goodbye Evangelina. You're the most beautiful lady I've ever seen. -William"


July 17, 2009

"Dear Joanne..."

Her name is Joanne. She's actually a typical Chinese girl from Malaysia who went overseas for boarding school in England. Joanne was a daughter to a rich car sales-man. Ohh yes, she's a spoiled brat. She likes shopping, she have fabulous clothes, she have amazing friends. There was Tina, Simon & Karim.

One day Joanne made a big mistake by stealling her father's credit card, & spent like, the factory of a brand clothe only make clothes for her. She got caught by her father, yet her father doesn't even lay a hand on her. The only punishment is to send her up to a boarding school, somewhere in the hills of England.

There, she moaned, complained, refusing to everything & anything that she couldn't & what she should do. She speaks American English, so everybody else was like hating her, because of the accent. Plus, she's arrogant too.

She was the only one who's with the permed hair, while the other students have curly, frizzly hair. All the students there have this uniform that they should wear, as the image of the school's student. But not Joanne. The 1st day she arrived, she was like Paris Hilton, only more of an Asian type.

She was assigned to stay in a room, along with other 3 England girls. One is a Punk Chick, Jessica. One is a drama queen, Mary. The other one is Miriam, a nerd. They all get along, pretty well for the first day. Better yet, things changed when all of them spotted the hottest guy in school, Sebastian.

They all craved for Sebastian. It's wether for the love or the sex. Well, they were all teenagers, anyways. They all have the urges for that. We all do, I believe. Anyways, while Joanne is busy telling her friends back home how dull the place is, she caughts Sebastian's attention. Jessica and Mary was plotting something againts Joanne, as they were so jealouse of Joanne. However Miriam doesn't get along, because she's just a nerd, she knows that how would a hot guy ever going to fall for a nerd? That's what she tell herself everyday.

As days passed, it was time for the prom. Guess who is Sebastian's date is? It's Miriam! The other girls were like, ''What the hell??". Everybody appeared in their beautiful & fabulous clothes. Joanne was really attractive that night. She was really sexy & beautiful, anyone would fall for her.

She tried everything to win Sebastian's heart, but better yet Sebastian totally ignore her. The other two girls, Jessica & Mary, who were plotting something bad to Joanne, launched the plan.
It's hard to explain what happened, but there Joanne was. Humiliated infront of hundreds of fellow students, in the middle of the ballroom.

She ran away from the ballroom, ran to the lake behind the school. Cried, she never thought that she'd be humiliated like this. The worst part is, infront of Sebastian. She suddenly ask herself something, "What does Miriam have that I don't have?".

Sebastian, from behind, who actually chased Joanne when she ran from the ball, said, "She have what I want.". Joanne, shocked, ask him back, "What does she have that I don't have?".

"Simple," Sebastian said. "She have the sweetest thoughts, sincere feelings, beautiful smile."
"I admit, you are hot, but I'm sorry.". Sebastian hold Joanne's hand and whispers something in Joanne's ears.

Joanne was excited, Sebastian, the hottest guy in school was actually holding his hand. But yet again, she sighed after Sebastian whispered. Maybe Sebastian whispered something that is dissapointing? Yes, he did.

He said, "I admit, you are hot, but I'm sorry, I don't have any interest in a slit-eyed girl like you. I'm not discriminating you as an Asian or anything."

Joanne sighed and simply ask him, "Can we still be friends?". "Ofcourse! We should!", Sebastian answered.

Few months after that, school's over. Joanne had to go back to Malaysia, leaving all her friends behind. Joanne fell in love with Karim, instead. However, Sebastian & Joanne keeps in touch with each other. Also Jessica, Mary & Miriam. Jessica and Mary turned out to be a lesbian couple few months after school's out. Joanne is actually happy with Karim, as Karim is very funny & good looking too.

Sebastian and Miriam, they broke up & just be friends. All of them moved on with their lives eversince. They still contact each other through the net.

Weird, how enemies became lovers, how lovers can turn out just to be friends. Relationship is unpredictable. Who knows, you migt be with the one you really hate. It's all faith.