April 24, 2010

i am not suffering....

from my own insanity,


i am enjoying every single moment of it.

- he says.

April 21, 2010

make me believe.

what is your favorite color?
do outer-space believe in you?
do lies tell the truth about you?

does your hope and fears believe in you?

does your guards secure you?

- he asks.

notes on a concrete.

and he said,
just let it be.

be truthful,
be honest.
dark alley,
and someone accidentally talk to you.

the other says sorry,
very stage,
who has two of them.

from the opposite.

everything is singular,
just one.

it is not even shady.
when it's near,
it's wrong.
when it's far away,
it's true.

it is?
just let it be.

- he says.

April 16, 2010

this is dedicated for you, dear.

i regret being close to you.

- he says.

you'll never catch me alive, i'm a hypocrite.

sitting in the dark, 
i cant forget.
driven on the highway,
kept thinking of it.

another story of the Bitter Pills of fate.

you asked me to follow you,
and i did.
traded my emotions,
for a contract to commit.

now the other me is dead.
i hear his voice in my head.
now i am a counterfeit.
i am a fake,
in front of you.

the other me is gone, 
now i dont know where i belong.

dead visions in your name.
dead fingers in my veins.
dead memories in my heart.

- he says.

April 8, 2010


i wrote a lot of poems,
just to read to you.
i want to look at your pretty face,
just like i used to.

when we were still at the time of ours,
i just couldn't resist the time,
i couldn't hear nothing.

i just didn't have the time then,
to tell you.

all of our memories,
i will forget not one bit.
you spread every tears to me,
you gave me everything.

you're now just a memory that linger upon my life.

you left,
and there will be no turning back.
you wont be back.

rest in peace.

- he says.

do you?

i like you,
just because of lust.
i admit, 
you were a sex bomb then.

as time is contagious, 
every second we're getting old.

my feelings towards you grow,
from lust to love.

i wonder.
are you love?
or are you still lust.

i can see through you,
to see to the real you.
to see your true colors.

inside we're ugly.
just ugly.

red light,
green light,
yellow light.

driving past by the place where we first met.
have been wishing to just say good bye.

i wish to leave this town,
and leave all the best memories of ours,
just inside your pockets.

do you know?
i want you because of lust?
i began to love you?
and i am starting to loathe you as well?


- he says.