August 31, 2010

stay with me.

once again your eyes,
makes it hard to say goodbye.
where you want to go,
it doesn't really matter,
as long as you are here with me.

there's something in the air tonight,
something that makes me feel alive and i say,
what were the words you say to me,
that made me feel so special now.

once again your eyes,
makes it hard to ask you why.
so i sit here knuckles tight.
hands against the wheel,
your head against the glass.
and you mean so much to me.

stay with me.

cigarettes in open hair,
hand in hand.
i said, 
stay with me.
because every star that i see,
is brighter than the last.

- he reads

no heretic will stop doing so, no heretic anthem.

by now, 
ain't we should be dead?
or at least blinded by the lies that has been spread to us?

have you ever wonder,
will your name forever live inside those who appreciate.

who are we?
what are we?
scums of the Earth.

they are all just a waste of life.
will you destroy whatever that has made you this way?
you are becoming stronger every step that you take.

in a sense,
i enjoy the agony,
subconsciously i feel aroused.
i am erected from this stench.

- he says.

something for you to chew.

with your eyes,
and mind.

- he says.

full scaled.

and goal!

- he says.

August 28, 2010

at the bottom of my gun, i wish i was the only one.

i saw the way she looked at me.
she's got a set of eyes of pure beauty.

with the bottom of gun,
i hope i am the only one.

i noticed the she stared at me.

- he says.

August 26, 2010

leave it all,
the fights and all,
guess that summer's getting colder.

drove all night,
hoping that i could hold you tight,
back to our place here.

i am miles away,
how i wish i could turn out your lights.
ten different ways we could enjoy this night.

how long i'll wait,
just to leave it all,
the fights and all?

holding you tightly in my arms,
would be the greatest thing ever.

- he says.


would you let me in forever?
and let me hold on to you until the end?

- he asks.

this is where i assure you that everything is not what it seems to be.

will it be?
would my name forever lives in the heart of the souls who appreciate?
the absence of pure,
in suffering.

we're all just scums of the Earth,
if the moment we speak,
we don't seek the truth in the liar's eyes.

now you can just watch the sun until it becomes square,
and just destroy every bug that passes by.

- he says.

August 23, 2010

the story of you and me.

we went from mere invisible friends,
to pals real tight, 
where we would chitty chat all night.
and now we're together.
thank you.

write this down anywhere if you have a pen and a paper.
slowly follow what i say.

i love you.

- he says.

August 22, 2010

thousand apologies.

for everything.
and i am not even pretending.

- he says.

take note. you.

your skin is beautiful.
you are,
you are.

you pretty thing.
why would you come to me?
you brought me happiness.
i am,
i am happy.

i love the way you are,
i love your smile,
i love who you are,
i love your chuckles,
love your hair, 
your eyes,

take note,
write this down anywhere.
i love you.

- he says.

of pictures, and the fake smiles.

have you ever remembered how it used to be?
and them?

do you secretly come to this field, 
where we used to play when we were growing up?
do you see any changes in the field?
or it's just you?

do you still remember what we were like in this arena?
do you still remember on who's shoulder you used to cry on?

and now you chose that path,
ohh well,
you know yourself better.

and bow down to the champ,
memories still lingers even you threw it away.

and here i am, 
holding this picture in my hand,
shall i keep it or to burn it.

do know.
i just miss the way we were before.

- he says.

August 21, 2010

in an orange room with a dimmed shade of light.

my hands are tied to worlds that i know alone,
just like clouds my skins crawls,
to have the taste of your skin.

glow the field with your light.

did you know,
that i love you?
come and lay with me,
i love you.
on this day,
i love you more and more.

i got lots of things to say,
if only you would let me.
it is always hard when you're around,
here's some interest in your eyes.
you moved in slow motion,
makes my thought slinger.

did you know?
i love you.

- he says.

August 20, 2010

feel the warmth before we grow old.

taste the sun,
drink the air,
swallow the light,
see the music,
eat the water.

tell me what do you feel?

it is the color you can taste,
the music you can smell.

- he says.

is this even true?


- he asks.



- he says.

August 13, 2010

since you came into my life,
there's no depressions.
you knocked the door that leads into my heart.
and i let you in.

my love.
you made me feel.
you made me feel happy.

i am sorry if i am imperfect,
when happiness strucks.
when confidence come up,
my love comes along with the sincerity,
in loving you,
in missing you,
in having you,
until our last breaths.

- he says.

i never want you unhappy.

with one smile from you,
could make me happy.

there you are, 
you made my day.
there you are,
in your perfect way.

we met when i was on my back.
you've got everything going for you,
and i'd go for you with everything i got.

right here,
right now.

is this coincidence?
or is it a sign?
tell me dear, 
is there anything i missed?
tell me if i am wrong, 
but why would we even change a thing?

right here,
right now.
the best days of our lives.

somewhere in the act,
we were part of something,
and it is ours and ours alone.

i love you so much.
and we're almost here again.

- he says.

August 11, 2010

and i.

i miss you.
i love you.

- he says.

believe me, i do.

how can i ever convince you,
that i actually do?

i admit that i wasn't sure with my thoughts before,
i was high and dry.

be there.
for the happiness,
and the fights.

i want you there,
i really do.
i love you.

- he says.

August 10, 2010

can you still remember the laughter?

how hard it is to describe.

but how do you feel,
when someone pushes a blade in your mind.

no one to see,
no one to hear,
and you began to ask yourself.

why is every thing wrong?

and here i am,
with these words.

can you remember day one?
when it was not like this?
when you are sure with your thoughts?
when you still go on with whatever you have?

why is everything wrong?

here i am,
facing my oppressor.
convincing myself that nothing is wrong.

- he says.

August 6, 2010


i have been driving alone on this road too long,
and the night,
Sunday night.
i found you.

i am glad that i have found you,
and you would take the same road as i am in.

i love you.

- he says.

August 5, 2010

the fan piece.

watch the fan goes round and round
until your tires are punctured.

- he says.

August 2, 2010

take note, there are two 'yous' here.

are you faking it?
are you even making it real?
are you sure?
i am confused by you.

and you,
what is the matter?
you came,
you went off.
i feel insecured because of you.

back to you again.
what do you actually feel?
who do you want?
what are you?
who are you?

and you.
are you happy?
do you feel glad?
or are you mad?
what do you feel?
what do you want?

- he asks.

August 1, 2010

should i say i feel all right or shouldn't i?

what is the matter?
that is the question appeared on the mirror.
with this bells ringing at the back.

this dimmed light,
along with the sound of the violin.
tears wont come down.
in fact, 
it flew off with the wind.

this light guitar tone,
secretly brings me peace.
at it says it is the comforting sound.
slow drum beats.

what am i supposed to feel?
am i all right?
or am i not?
i am confused with the situation.

tell me why.

- he says.