June 6, 2012

the infinite distance between you and me is when i have nothing to say.

- he says.

right wing.

previously i found a reason to show you a side of me.
now that you know all through,
what else can i show you?

- he ask.

normal? post? preview.

what have i done?
i have put you through so many things.
maybe i am just that phase in your life that teaches you,
on what is wrong and what is right,
until you can stand up and fight.

maybe i am not the one for you.
i feel empty,
i dont feel anything.
i dont know what i feel.

- he says.
yes, the problem is me.

- he says.

1.40 am

i am calculating of what's left inside.
i have nothing.
there's nothing that i can give to you.
i once gave you everything i had,
and gave and gave it all away,
and i am left with emptiness.

i dont blame you.
i dont blame the distance either.

i am  not pretty sure,
as it is supposed to be like this.

i know what you want,
you dont know what i want.
so sad.
not just you.
i dont know what i want too.

even for me,
even for you,
i cant go off wandering without you.

as much as it will do,
these colours would never tell the real story of me.

- he says.


have you ever wondered,
of how it feels if i let you go?
i honestly say,
that i have been thinking of it.
but i'd give it one last song.
or maybe to switch the tune instead.

i cant bare to be a loner,
i need you,
yes i do need you,
but i cant bare to hurt you no more.

who would you turn to?
who would you turn to, my dear?

i am right here,
listening to these love songs,
and i dont feel a thing.

is it you?
is it me?
is it us?

its me.
i am fading away.
i am getting empty.
i am full of emptiness.

- he says.


you were the one,
i know.
i am opening my eyes and i see you clearly.
you are the one for the moment.
im trying to say,
but i am unable to.

nothing is wrong.
nothing is wrong.
not a thing.

so afraid to let the light in.
with the demon inside.
i feel so uncertain.
i feel so wrong.
i feel empty.

where have all my thoughts go?
where have you all been?
where are my feelings?
why do i feel nothing?

do you remember when it was not like this?
no. not that i can think of.
but im convinced and i still go on.
where am i going?
i dont know.
but here i am, between these words,
with you.

- he says.