January 26, 2011

i am down to another day.

but i miss you like crazy.

- he says.

i just, miss you.

and we're everything,
but this might i have crossed your path.
maybe i am the cause why you cried,
every night before you go to sleep.

despite this,
i believe that you and me,
we can be so happy and free,
inside the world of misery.

- he says.

at the same tie, it might take you by surprise.

my world, 
and your world.
we're angry,
we're happy.
please just reach out with patience.
hold me,
while i am holding you.

i might not solve your problem today,
but know that you can always lean on me.
lean on me now.

distance grow fonder,
sincerely i wonder how you are,
hold me while i hold you.

i don't ever want to make you cry anymore.
now lean on me,
as i miss your presence here in my room.

- he says.

January 15, 2011

you're the light that helps me find my way.
i just cant lose you.
i just don't want you to fade away.
i need you,
i need you here,
i need you to stay.

- he says.

January 8, 2011

and here i am still tangled up in you.

maybe i have changed.
maybe you have changed.
as time passes by,
maybe we both changed.

i began to get the feeling of scared,
that you don't feel the same as how you did before.
i am afraid,
yes truly i am.

my dear,
i love you,
i care about you.

i apologize for everything i have done wrong,
for the words i say that might hurt you.
for the things i have done that might make you made.

i want to hold your hand,
i want to hold you close,
i want to have a look of that pretty face.

i love you.
i love you,
i love us.

i hope that your love for me doesn't decrease,
as mine for you grows.
i just hope that us,
never end and goes forever.

you are the light that guides me,
you are the laugh that makes me happy,
you are the tears that makes me stronger,
you are what i need,
you are what i wanted,
and yes,
you are everything for me.

despite the hard time,
despite the distance,
despite the changes we've been through,
despite all the bad phases,
i still love you.

i need you,
i miss you,
i really wish that i am there with you.

- he says.

January 6, 2011

i want to hold your hands as i grow old.

how long has it been since this storyline begins?

your smile,
your pretty smile,
there's nothing much of anything else that can beat yours.

how i just miss the lips that makes me fly.
your smile,
i miss your pretty sweet smile.

you're the only thing that i like about me,
and because of you,
i love us.

here i am, 
tangled up in you.

- he says.

January 1, 2011

align right.

you were too beautiful, 
for me not to kiss.
you were too cuddly, 
for me not to hug.
you were too bubbly,
for me not to smile when i looked at you.
you were just all that i've ever wanted,
for me not to love.
you were such an epic,
for me not to miss.

- he says.