September 30, 2010

it's just insatiable.

droopy eyes,
but no intention of sleeping.
tired body,
but still moving vigorously.
hungry stomach,
but no desire to eat.
restless mind,
but still thinking of you.
love the fact that i do.
and i love you.

- he says.

i tried making my way to you, and i did.

all this time,
i never realized that all i want is just you.
i swear you took my breath away.
i am mesmerized by your infinite beauty.

i waited,
i know it was worth it.
there's no more meadows that can take the phase,
of we're being part.

you took it all away,
my dark sky.
you're a paint of grand,
a chandelier that kills the shadows around me.

i just don't know what else to say.
take me with you forever please.

- he says.

i have got nothing much to say.

i have seen it all,
but it's never enough.
i have got nothing to hide,
yet by far,
you're the best ever.
i know, 
in between,
i felt that i can get over you.
but no.
years i waited.
i got nothing else to say,
just you're worth a wait.
you took my breath away.

- he says.

lyrical photography moment.

i miss your lovely face.
i miss your touch.
i miss your smell.
i miss listening to the sounds you make.

i am messed up,
i missed you so.

i just wish that you're here.
feel the warmth in the breeze,
and know that i'll be here longingly waiting for you.

- he says.

September 28, 2010

i first saw you on the street, walking towards me.


this temp work would be alright if you call me.
your call.
i would lie next to you,

we crossed the deepest ocean,
flew up high in the sky.
and if you don't believe me,
put your hands on me.
and all the constellations,
flow down for us to breathe.

- he says.

September 27, 2010

why would we change a thing?

i was just guessing,
numbers and figures,
which portrays a picture,
a paint of grand.

you know i wrote this for you.
and i want you to know this.

no matter,
no matter,
who i have been with,
with whom i talked to,
with who i held hands with,
no one did ever really swoon me like you did.

right here,
right now.
this is the best days of my life.

filled with the neon lights,
and i'd keep a watchful eye,
on this infinite beauty.

is this a coincidence or it is actually a sign?
tell me if i am wrong,
because what i feel towards you is extreme.

i hope before the night is through,
we'd fumble touch and hit the spot.
i would go for you with everything i got.
this is the best days of my life.
and i hope it is ours too.

- he says.

the nature of my body.

the scent you smell,
the voice you hear,
is the sound made by a soul who misses you so much.

his love towards this infinite beauty.

i'd swim in this sea of stars with you.
hold my hands,
and walk with me in the rain.

it is giving birth to the non reservation of giggles.
and you swoon perfectly.
do what you do.

you are an illuminating anchor.
some number that crashes the waves of sound.
dance for me,
expose yourself to me.

pull my strings like no others can do.
i insist that there's a larger set of starry sky in the blink of our eyes.
this deep blue sea wont be the cause for us to part.

blink your eyes,
as you light up my darkened sky.

- he says.

September 26, 2010

i assure, that everything is not as what you've seen.

you're the only one,
that i cherish all the time.
trust me,

- he says.

September 25, 2010

you are at the floor of my vessel, further down the river.

being with you,
is better than witnessing new born nebulas in bloom.
she who this is meant for,
he smiles and will surely sings.
perspective pries her once weighty eyes.
and i noticed this pair of beautiful eyes,
i am now wary of your beauty physically and from within.

deeper than the deepest sea would go,
is what my love is for you.
higher than the heights that i think i know.
blessed she who clearly sees the flaws in me,
accept and adapt.
you obtain a pair of beautiful brown eyes,
turn a blizzard to a breeze.

- he says.

i wrote this for you.

close the door behind you,
dim the light a little.
now show me the world as seen from the stars.
tell me from the start.
i am wary of eyes upon all my scars.

orange freeway night light into your incision,
i came here expecting to nothing,
i am glad that you agreed to come along this journey.
so thank you for being that kind of girl.

your love is an endless flow of water,
and an orange crab,
a green mark that i wear all upon,
would never cease.

- he says.

you're love is a verb here in my room, in my heart.

and only if,
the would fall apart.
in a fiction worthy wind,
i wouldn't change a thing,
now that you're here.

and only if,
the world goes upside down,
sure it'll be grant to have you being upside down with me.

- he says.

i think of you, and in full blown technicolor.

i heard the word from deep inside me,
clear like a light in the sky.
and it says,
"quit blowing each other up."
and it continues to tell me,
"you stop first."

i am trying to focus,
but my eyes deceive me,
as i am witnessing this beauty dances in front of me.

you're a voicing crystaline clear,
and i want you bad.
a scene set to singe innocence.
up heave,
and pit against like all poems should be written in a book.

- he says.


if you're looking for an open book,
look no further.
i am in front of you,
and i am yours.

you're an exception to the rules,
a bonafide rarity.
you're all i ever wanted.

we could do anything that turns you up,
and sets you free.

just come outside and walk with me.
we'll try each other on and see if we fit.
we intertwined.

- he says.

things wont just do without you.

and i wrote this for you.
i want to let you know something.
all the time when we're apart,
i only think of you.

you're always in my heart.
i am sitting in a corner,
watching the window,
watching the blue sky.

even though you're far way,
i am longingly waiting for you here.
somehow it hurts to remember back the memories.

even though you're far away,
separated by the deep blue sea,
i am longingly,
patiently waiting for you here.
i promise.

- he says.

we're inseparable, no matter what happens.

go on and close the curtain.
dim the lights.
all we need is you and me.

i'll hold you tight.
save this moment,

with this pheromone,
of love,
and grant.

tomorrow comes to take us away.
i just wish that we could stay.

i love you.
i am missing you.
i am mesmerized,
i think of you in everything i do.

- he says.


discard it,
leave it,
the fights and all.
let's just destroy these tanks and bombs.

so take my hand and come with me,
walk through this deep journey.
we will change reality.

i am not going out tonight because i don't want to go.
i am staying at home tonight because i just want to know.
what really made this beauty,
with the looks that can kill,
fall for me.

this is a lovely thing that we have.
a kiss that lingers,
takes me in.

i have too much to say.
i just can't close my eyes when i am with you.
my love for you,
it's insatiable.

- he says.

September 24, 2010

there are just no words that can describe how much i love you.
you're apparently like the notes that can't be separated with the music.

whenever i am with you,
you make me feel whole.

remember this,
however far away,
i will always love you.

remember this, 
however long i wait,
i will always love you.

i love you.

- he says.

what's on my mind? you.

i've been stopping at green lights.
got lost on my way on my bed.
i wear my shirt inside out.

there's one thing for sure.
i've come down with love.
i just can't get enough of you.
and i would say that i love you.

i won't feel better from this fever,
because you stung me with your love.

i just can't find better words,
to describe how beautiful you are.
and i'd say,
if perfect is what you're looking for,
then please just stay the same.

wouldn't want you to ever change,
you swoon perfectly the way you are.
i love you,
i love us.

you're like the shadow that follows me everywhere i go,
i just don't have the ability to get rid of you.
the great part is,
i don't ever want to.

i've come down with love,
you're the best thing i've got.
the hurricane that i'll never outrun.
the water that i just can't cut.

you are.
you are.
you are.

- he says.

September 22, 2010

what should i do when the world has taken out the words from me?

i have never told anyone that they're actually perfect.
nobody is.
to me,
you are.

you are.

- he says.

September 20, 2010

already i am lonesome i could die.

kiss me,
and smile for me.
i will be here waiting.

i would hold on to you and never let you go.
i hate it when you have to go.
even though i know you'll be back someday.

i'll dream about the days to come,
especially with you.

every night and day,
i think of you.
everywhere i go,
i think of you.
every song i sing,
i sing for you.

hear me out,
i love you and i will be missing you.

- he says.

September 19, 2010

song for you.

i am walking alone along the street,
thinking about what you've said.
i have never felt like this before,
i never really do.

with a cigarette in my hand,
i am thinking about you.

you never know how much i missed you.
you never know how much i will love you.

i miss you.
i love you.

- he says.

September 17, 2010

this is not the first and the last time that i am going to tell you that i love you.

you hold my hands,
while i am standing here.
pull me towards you.
when i am with you,
i don't see anyone,
just you.
a beauty.
an infinite one.

- he says.

September 16, 2010

i am another number that isn't equal to any of you.

i am a slave,
i am a master.
i am all,
but what am i?

just another number that isn't equal to any of you.
i control,
but i comply.

they're listening,
lie to me again,
go ahead.

would be pleased,
to know how you followed your orders so well.
i wonder.

tell me again, 
how are you tortured.
does it seems that it is dressed in all of you?
stretched across your fame?
or better yet,

- he asks.

September 14, 2010

hide in the corner of the room.

i'd like to say,
that you're on my mind.
so i phoned you.
it's hard to believe that i dreamt of you.

dear pretty girl,
take me down with you.

respect is the word she shouts.
she speaks her mind,
not me,
as i was just speaking freely but with deep meanings,
as i implore her.

interrupt me once more,
and i'd kiss you until you'd sway with me.

- he says.

September 13, 2010

amazing, just the way you are.

you are an ivory, 
a wire,
and a pearl.
because you are pretty down to your bones.
not because how you want to make-up,
or trying to shape up.

when you dress me in the dreams you made,
you are the keeper.
you're the neck of the bottle that i am living.
i love you because you came to my show.
you tagged along with me in this tiresome paper dreams.

i never want any one else,
would never do.
and i would lie down for my cause,
i love you.

you moved in slow motion,
techni-color dreams,
you strummed the strings inside me,
you moved in your own way.

there is a murmur of your love inside.
and i love you.

- he says.

September 5, 2010

she's there.

all i need to stay alive,
is the present of the world, 
and you.

never found a species of your kind.
everybody was kind of the same.

i never asked for anything more,
but you were a painting of grand.

see the birds in the sky,
and she hides.

all i need to make the night alive,
is you.
we'd hide under the cover,
and tell each other bed time stories.

picture this,
all i want to do is to place flowers on the cover,
all i want to do is to make the night alive,
for us.

- he says.

there is.

do you care if i don't know what to say?
will you think of me before you go to sleep?

this is useless,
these white and green pills used to be kind.
i have given a lot of thought on to the nights we used to have.
i wish i could just lay down next to you and tell you that i love you.
but you swear you love me more.

do you care if i don't know what to say?
will you think of me before you go to sleep?

those notes you wrote me,
i wish i could keep it all.
i have given a lot of thought,
on how to write to you back.
everything that i wrote will be a hidden message,
telling about how a boy loves a girl.

- he says.

September 1, 2010


 i have always wanted the girl of my dreams.

but truthfully, 
she if far more better,
she is real.


- he says.