December 28, 2010

where poetry lays down and die.

see this picture?
this is my heart,
and crushed.

you may see sparks.
but no,
there's none apparently.

say hello,
wish good night,
and there you go.

- he says.

December 22, 2010

chemistry speech.

my atoms and chemicals, 
could've been made anywhere in the universe. 
but i know for sure it was made here, 
near to yours.

- he says.

and i will hold on to this.

she allegedly fell for me,
through an open window.
cracked her chest open,
to reveal her heart.

still skeptic of my intentions,
she made me swear,
that i would always be there.
i will always be here,
no worries my dear.

i am in love,
you may kiss me,
again and again.
i'll hold on tight.

i would let you climb on my shoulders,
will laugh with you 'till we cry,
the view and i collide,
to see this through her eyes.

we never looked so pretty,
never looked so real.
i'll let go of myself now,
and i'd tell her how i feel.

- he says.

December 21, 2010

if only that i could,
i'd turn back the clock and repeat it all over again,
to yesterday.

- he says.

December 15, 2010

more enclosure than just a link.

we're enveloped by the sky tonight,
wrapped in every star,
and surrounded by the gentle music of night.
it's wonderful to be laying here with you.

in this moment,
we're so alive,
and we're so very small.
under the heavens,
where metaphors cling to the meteors,
that dashes across my vision.

and we smiled,
like there is nothing,
nothing better or sweeter, 
rather than keep on holding to each other.

i can make all the wishes that i want,
but all i need is you.
you're so lovely,
honest eyes and warm skin.

can i wrap myself in you,
to become tangled in your heartbeats?
somehow i want you,
more than ocean full of blue water.
somehow i want you,
more than the sky full of smooth air.

you're enchanting, 
but not magical.
hold on,
what am i saying.
yes you are magical.

but you are better than magical,
because you are real,
and i am with you.

we are infinite,
we are infinite.
all i want is you.


- he says.

i just couldn't find the right onomatopoeia.

come to me.


i want us to conflate in a dalliance, 
as you came into my life, 
in a lilt way. 
you are exactly a lagniappe. 
i love you, 
as we are what they call moiety.

- he says.

December 12, 2010

this is something for you to chew with your eyes and mind, and keep in your heart.

i love you.

- he says.

this is for ~you, and you.

there is this song tittled,
'My December'.
used to admire that tune.

its gloomy and its sad.
as how i always feel during this time of the year,
due to some sacred lost friendship.

no i am not saying that i have forgotten you.
you still remain as the memories that lingers on Earth.
as i go on,
i still remember the times we shared together.

dear friend,
i wish i could tell you how i feel.
i want to show you,

as she means so much to me.
she made my life shines again,
since you're ever left.

i am feeling so certain,
that this is right.
i love her.
i am happy,
and i am sure,
you'd want that for me too.

as this December,
is the happiest December ever for me.
i miss you,
my friend.

and i love you,
my dear beauty.

- he says.

return to the list.

don't worry my dear,
if you think i am far away.
know this,
i keep your pictures with me.

- he says.


if i have a place,
to get frozen in time,
i would choose next to you.

i swear i know your face in the crowd.
hey beautiful,
hold my hands.

i will teach you to be stronger.
i will teach you to cherish one another.

here's my kiss to not let astray.
oh sweet angel,
wrap me with your arms,
don't let me go.

when you're whispering,
when you're talking,
all i hear was the voice of an angel.

i would love to touch your lips,
i am ready to come home to your hug.

now i know where my home is,
your heart.

- he says.

this is, very special.

days go by,
gloomy is my heart.
can't believe that you're by my side.

you're the one,
you're my heart.
cherish this forever please,
as this is special.
as your beauty is.

you're my rose,
you're my one.
you gave me hope to my sincere feelings.

at once,
once before,
you're only in my dreams that we'd be together.
it ain't easy,
for me to just forget you.

you're special.
you are.

inside you,
full of soft touch.
each day,
i miss you so bad.
without you,
i am gloomy.
and it reminds me of our first met.

you're so beautiful.
you're smile,
cherish this special moments forever,
will you?

you're beauty,
you're smile,
i love you.

- he says.

pillow talk.

the late night talk,
made me mesmerized.
the call in the early morning,
was really sweet.

as i climb up the bed,
really wish that you'd crawl up to me here.
i miss you love.
the fact that i just talked to you,
wasn't just enough yet.

i want you.
i want you here.
i want you here bad.

- he says.

December 11, 2010


you are so weird.
i wonder why.

all i want to do is sleep,
all want makes me do,
is thinking of you.

- he says.

i wrote this for you.

you are,
your hair,
your eyes,
and your thoughts.

you are,
what you look at in the mirror,
what you feel,
and what you do about it.

you are the thing that i liked about me.
my thoughts of you are as real as any part of you.

- he says.

says the fly to the spider.

you're beautiful.

- he says.

here i am, tangled up in you.

when i first knew you,
i built a pole between the trees.
it is used to send out my personal messages.

and as i use it to send out messages to the world.
i hope that one day you'll find one,
and come to find me.

waited for you,
and there you are,
you've got one of my messages,
which says,
"i want you."

- he says.

i wish i have better ways to say this.

and i have tried looking,
for happiness in different places.
a bigger TV,
a new pair of shoes,
a drive on the highway on the night,
laughs at the dining place,

those things somehow made me happy.

and i appreciate your presence,
while you kept on standing here right in front of me.
and please don't get me wrong,
you are my dream maker,
you are my infinite happiness.

- he says.

my hands shakes as you come near.

my hands are tight to worlds i have known,
but i know our worlds,
i have never felt before.

and did you know,
that i am actually loving this?

and on this day,
your world make me feel more alive,
than mine actually does?

- he says.

meet me in outer space, the sheet covered with pictures of red roses.

how did you do it?
to make me feel like i do.

i want you to see this place,
as my life is like a roller coaster.
you know i cant be still,
because i am always moved by you.

but i am lost in line for sure,
because you are the chills that i feel not only the first date,
but in every single one.

this feeling is wonderful,
the way that i feel right now,
has never imagined by my filthy mind.

- he says.

wonderful flaws you could have.

as my dreams are assured,
as i have you.

i now will sleep well,
because i know you have stolen my heart,
and you placed it in a good place,
in your heart slot.

i took yours, 
without you even noticing it.
wonder why i stole your heart?
because you are the best one,
of the best ones.

that's what you are.

- he says.


i might hurt you in a finite amount of times in your life,
but i surely have infinite amount of love for you.

i care about you,
i feel for you,
i want you,
i need you,
i love you.

and no,
i wont leave you.
i am afraid to bleed,
but i might it do for you.

- he says.


there is no music,
just silence and my warm touch.
hope that'll be enough music for you.
because you are,
the song,
the notations of a music rule,
that no one sings.

- he says.

December 8, 2010

dear Aziemah my lover, this is what i think of you.

- he says.

by your side.

you think i'd leave your side baby?
you know me better than that.
you think i'll leave you down when your down on your knees?
i wouldn't do that.

i'll tell you you're right when you want.
and if only you can see into me.

when you're cold,
i'll be there.
holding you tight to me.

when you're on the outside baby,
and you cant get in.
i will show you,
you're so much better than you know.
when you're lost,
and you cant get back again,
i will find you darling,
and i'll bring you home.

and if you want to cry,
i am here to dry your eyes.
and in no time,
you'll be fine.

when you're cold,
i'll be there,
holding you tight to me.
when you're low,
i'll be there,
by your side,

- he sings.

enclosure link.

i know it's getting late,
but if you want to talk a little bit more,
i wouldn't mind doing so,
because i want to.

i know i am,
feeling a kind of at the verge of tiresome,
but it isn't really bothering me,
since you're around.

all you got to do baby,
is kick off your shoes,
and lay down.
listen to me.

climb up here with me,
and let's forget about sleep.
just lay down,
with me.

- he says.

compiled with complicated numbers of thoughts.

if i ever push you away,
i didn't mean to.
when i told you i don't want to talk about it,
i really do,
only that i want to find the right words.

give me a minute,
if i can find the right words,
i will.
i will try to be a struggling mix of reality and perfect at the same time.

when i get quite sometimes,
it is just because i have so many things to say.
i have thought of telling you so many things,
all at once.
but i don't know what to say first.

i get immaturely jealous,
of the people who gets to see you on a daily basis,
of the people who happily mingle with you,
of the people who is other than me.
i miss you really easily.

but i also bare the burdens to like the fact,
that we are apart and we're just okay.
space is good too,

i love the way we love some of the same things,
and i love how we love entirely different things.

my head is a complicated pile of thoughts,
and i know that i love you.
 i am so glad that you are here.

- he says.

December 7, 2010

so i know of your taste,
so speak up,
it is in your lips, 
i found.

listen closer,
stay awake,
stay with me.

stay with me and watch these people roaming around,
and tell me what is the first thing that comes to your mind.
stay with me and i'll try to tell you,
of how much i have always wanted you.

- he says.
this is yet by far the best December ever.

- he says.

how can i be still, when i am always moved by you?

these are the best that i have ever had.
there is only one thing that can still my fear.
and it is your soft touch.
yours only.

at first i was very nervous,
let it ride up to be,
you looked right through me.
i find it hard to take,
that you'd pick me up in your life.

thank you for letting me in,
as i am shivering cold outside.
i love you.
as much as i say so,
still it doesn't really show how exactly much.

be here with me,
as i want to sing with you,
as i want to dance with you.
i want to say everything to you,
as long as it comes naturally from me.

you know how i love you,
you know how i need you.
and i want you to know,
that that i wont let you down,
and i wont let go.

consistency doesn't matter,
because the world will keep on spinning around.
as long as we stick together.
stick stickly i might say.

- he says.

December 6, 2010

believe me.

i want to be there by your side. 

- he says.

December 2, 2010

leaving me restless, and plaguing my mind.

was listening too scary for you?
i can hide,
and say that you're not to blame.
part if every single bump and grind scenario,
just learn the lesson by now.

i have an illness,
and it is called 'myself'.
i have put so many things above you,
still you're there for me.
i don't even know who i am anymore.

i am dying,
i am beat down,
and my hope is dying.

i am all alone in this crowded room,
conversations that doesn't even bother in my mind.
trapped in reality.
show me,
because my heart is broken.
be my escape,
allow me to hear the words unspoken.
since somehow i am separated with a glinst,
from the one i love.

- he says.