May 8, 2011

like paper cuts it hurts.

have you ever felt,
but there's no way to let it out?

now i am lost,
i am lost inside.
loved ones,

they're all here,
but i was never there for them.
i am suffering,
suffering from the wrath of myself.

i see the light,
i see the darkness,
but i am stuck in between.
and now i am lost.

brinks of death,
i may think.

save me now,
save me before i drown,
i beg to anyone that really cares.

i may smile,
i may speak,
i may laugh.
but i have everything to worry about.

these violin sounds,
i wish i could kill this with a tune.
or presumably with an unknown satisfaction.

that is all i want for now.
just to close my eyes,
lay down,
and just flow with whatever images that comes into my mind.
and i wish you're there too.

- he says.