December 16, 2012

after you left.

i've been standing so tall,
but i was thinking way over my head.
standing so tall,
yet i feel small.

then upon i ponder without you i wouldn't be here.

i know what i did was wrong.
it was not as what you want,
i guess.
but still this is the best that i could ever do.

i dont want people to think that you're a failure,
the legacy will be paint as in the picture.

but i am glad, you have thought me how to be man.
father, i miss you. i really miss you.

and here i am lingering this Earth,
looking for the right one.
to still move on.

dear father,
i miss your presence,
i miss you voice, your thoughts, your jokes, your nag.
i miss you, father.
your son misses you.

- he says.